To answer Don Henley's question from the song " I Will Not Go Quietly", LilRabbitFooFoo.com evolved from my "alter ego" known as the HitBunny. It was something my husband, OrionEngnr, babbled repeatedly in his sleep. I woke up out of a deep sleep hearing it and decided that was uttered for me to hear.

Say whuut?? I'm certified in ThetaHealing, a modality used for changing negative energy into positive. I thought this was a perfect nickname cos a HitBunny — like a hitman — can make bad things go away. Yes, I'm a bit of left of center when it comes to people's expectations. Blame it on 40+ years of sitcom tv shows or boredom or surviving being run over by an SUV when I was 35.Yeah, my bells got rung.

While Little Rabbit FooFoo isn't my own creation, it got me to where I am with LilRabbitFooFoo.Com now back to HitBunny. If you're quietly wondering what the hell it is period, Little Rabbit FooFoo is a children's story and song. I pretty much requested my mom endlessly tell me the story. Thankfully, for all the people and alley cats in the world, I never asked her to sing it to me.

The innocent visuals I grew up with...

Little Rabbit FooFoo

So quickly the visuals turn...

Little Bunny FooFoo
Now... As a "quick" intro into what HitBunny is all about, it's basically a jump down into my own, personal rabbit hole. In this wild ride, it starts off in 3 directions — I'm recovering from a stroke and with all this sudden "free time" I now have to rewire my brain.  I'm learning what neuroplasticity and proprioception are. It's all another crazy adventure I can relate to with my technology training. I've customized my rehabilitation to center it around life — use my cognitive skills for what household chores I need to and how to do them.

I was never a coffee drinker until after the stroke so I had to learn how to assemble my Bulletproof latte. It's an easy process now, even with 1 hand but it requires everything to be an assembly line. The same goes for grooming 4  — now 3 — huskies. And lastly, it's the same for making paper crafts such as cards! Which I've made and been able to sell!

Now... the crux of nerding out and building this website is combating CSS programming and reining in the visuals to a steampunk rabbit in an Alice in Wonderland world where the outer layers appear as they did in a visual of Br'er Rabbit's world in an Uncle Remus story.... while a blue coyote is stalking its prey.... To be continued....


I'm a life long quasi-computer nerd who is also a den mother to 3 huskies who have their own website — RabidJackal. By "quasi", I mean I went to programming school only to be taught by the COBOL language that I was not prepared for that kind of mental abuse. The upside to learning that lesson was that the same language also took my teacher down with me! Yeah — I am a bit sadistic that way.

Mr Teacher spent 2 weeks dissecting my programming code in search of the error. I dropped the class then took it again at the next class cycle a couple weeks later. That break was my saving grace. I "easily" passed it on the second try. The reason this was such a ball buster was cos COBAL is very much like writing a story where you need a PHD or 3 in literacy....

While that 2 weeks of dissection was mind numbing, Mr Teacher finally found my error! It was a comma instead of a period that I wrote! That's how serious programming is! And that's the reason I didn't pursue a programming career. I already had some grey hair before I went to programming school — I didn't want to go bald before I turned 23!

So now... I'm not the full-blooded nerd I considered myself to be after I disassembled my first RadioShaft Tandy computer with a 35mb hard drive; and then reassembled it to its working functionality on the first try to turn on the power! My dad did NOT have a heart attack at the prospect of him losing $200 or $ 300 for that computer. Yay, me!

I graduated as a programmer and that school led me to the best job I ever had — making edits to banking websites, then later, proofing programmers' work to the banking websites. I was at the forefront of internet and cellular banking. And I was there as we all went from 1999 to 2000. It wasn't the catastrophic adventure all nerds were prepared for. Whew!

Meeting my now husband, OrionEngnr, and giving up that career to move out of state with him led to all new adventures that I could almost compare to Indiana Jones adventures. If all that change wasn't enough, life dramatically changed in July of 2018 when I survived a hemorrhagic stroke. It was the same kind of stroke that my paternal grandfather succumbed to as well as a prior paternal grandfather who was in the outhouse when he had a stroke!... And ultimately died of an obstructed airway when he fell. So all things considered, I'll happily take the rigid spasticity my stroke gifted me with then grumble, bitch and moan while I take my toys and hobble home....


I do may do all these paper crafts by hand but my mind gets a say in it all. Unfortunately, the lines of communication between the body and brain are still disconnected and fried. :( To help me filter through neuroplastic brain rewiring, I have to break it up into parts. As a lifelong writer, I need to work this all out in my mind the way I used to in college: screenplay writing! This is where character development enters in. There's the HitBunny.

I make by (one) hand and sell through this site funds my mental therapeutic recovery. Here's where card crafting gets a little complicated: All of my artistry is appearing appear on GraphX-Studio.Com.

Integrating these avenues are resulting in well groomed huskies in an extra crispy Texas summer, a well stocked crafting inventory and my left hand is beginning to learn it needs to earn its keep now that it "remembers" what it needs to do!

My site is currently a work in progress. Stay tuned! GraphX-Studio.Com

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